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Code Centerدانلود آخرین نسخه وی اس تی Arturia Farfisa V v1.3.1.1782 CSE-V.R

دانلود آخرین نسخه وی اس تی Arturia Farfisa V v1.3.1.1782 CSE-V.R

Arturia Farfisa V v1.3.1.1782 CSE-V.R

حجم: ۱۵۴ مگابایت



Farfisa V فارفیسا یک وی اس تی جدید، زیبا و خاص ساز ارگان برای بار دیگر از شرکت Arturia برای آهنگسازی است که نسخه جدید ان توسط تیم حرفه ای V.R کرک شده و ما برای اولین بار در ایران قصد معرفی اش را حضور شما کاربران عزیز داریم. با نصب Farfisa V در نرم افزار اهنگسازی تان، یک وی اس تی از صداهای خاص ساز ارگان را در اختیار دارید که از ویژگی های منحصر به فردی برخوردار می باشد. تمام نکات ظریف، خلاقانه و فیزیکی نسخه سخت افزاری این ارگان در این وی اس تی مدل سازی شده و علاوه بر ان دارای پدال های شبیه سازی شده ی بی نظیری می باشد. در این نسخه جدید امکانات زیادی به این وی اس تی اضافه شده، عملکرد ان نیز بهتر شده و همینطور مشکلات باگ ان نیز بکلی برطرف شده است. اگر یک کیبورد نواز هستید و یا یک آهنگساز مطمئنا از صداهای خاص و شیرین این ارگان لذت خواهید برد. پس اگر به وی اس تی Farfisa V علاقه پیدا کرده اید همین حالا آن را دانلود کنید و پس از تجربه اش ما را از تجربه خود در این وی اس تی مطلع سازید.



Farfisa V physically models the unique characteristics of the Farfisa combo organs that helped define the Top 40 sounds of the ‘60s—complete with enhancements that help you forge new sonic territory today.


Arturia’s innovative physical modeling faithfully recreates every nuance of the Farfisa Compact Deluxe and Duo combo organs found on numerous hits. Enhancements bring you a one-of-a-kind instrument combining the freedom of synthesizers with the unique tone of organs for unprecedented creative potential. An array of included effects pedals gives you all the tools to make the sound your own. Bell-bottoms optional.

The sound of the ‘60s, the sound of today


The Farfisa V brings you sounds that will never get old.
Imagine the fun you can have with the classic Farfisa combo organ sounds behind ‘60s chart toppers like Strawberry Alarm Clock’s “Incense and Peppermints” and The Grass Roots “Midnight Confessions”. Those eternally happy bubblegum sounds made a comeback in the ‘80s in the hands of Blondie, Talking Heads and others, and are still cruising today in retro pop, rock and reggae. The Farfisa V is super simple to use and 143 presets from top sound designers assure that you’ll get right down to rockin’ out.

If you’re an organist, you’ll love playing this gem. If you’re a producer, you’ll appreciate having the unique ear candy of the Farfisa V in your vintage collection. And if you played a combo organ back in the day, prepare to groove on waves of nostalgia courtesy of an old friend.

Infuse your music with the cheerful essence of surf and sunshine. Groovy, baby!

Faithfully yours


Like all Arturia vintage instrument homages, the Farfisa V is completely true to the original.
That’s because rather than sampling, we use our proprietary physical modeling technology to recreate in software the exact sonic characteristics of the original under all circumstances. Press any button and it responds just like the hardware. It even looks like the original. If you ever wanted a Farfisa, this is a Farfisa.

Playing the Farfisa V is just like having the real thing —except this one doesn’t have cigarette burns on the keys and will never break.

More than just an organ


The Farfisa V is what would happen if an organ and a synthesizer had a love child.
The original Farfisa already hinted at the synthesizers to come with features like key repeat and a rudimentary envelope. The split keyboard option let you assign either one or two of the lower octaves to a separate bass sound. There was also a cool knee lever that manually controlled a filter, like an early version of a wah. (Of course, you can map that to the controller of your choice on the Farfisa V.) We’ve taken our modern version way beyond all that, though.

Pop the hood of the Farfisa V and you get tons of extra creative options like the ability to design your own additive waveforms, select new waves for the bass section, set offset filters, customize the envelopes to shape your tone, and more. On the floor, you’ll find a vintage amp and a collection of old-school stomp boxes already plugged in and ready to party —and the settings for the whole rig are saved in your presets.

The Farfisa V goes further than any traditional electronic organ, giving you options to infuse your music with new sounds that make people sit up and pay attention.



V 1.3.1

New Features
KeyLab MK2 Integration
Clicking on the preset browser "Clear All" button now scrolls back the result list to its top

Reworked preset leveling and consistency

No more audio peaks when switching preset while playing
User MIDI configuration is now properly recalled when loaded from an external file
Fixed an issue where you had to click twice on the empty MIDI configuration to properly select it
Default MIDI configuration is now properly working
No more white flash when resizing our instruments inside macOS applications in AU
Various Komplete Kontrol / Maschine improvement
No more crash when a "Song Select" message is received
No more cracks and glitches appearing when modifying effects dry/wet parameters
User preset saving feature is now working properly
No more duplicated presets
Live 10 doesn't crash anymore when browsing preset from AU version
Resizing the plugin window don't open the export bank popup for some users anymore
No more crash when switching instruments on a track in FL Studio on macOS






حجم فایل: ۱۵۴ مگابایت

کمپانی سازنده: Arturia

سیستم عامل: ویندوز (۳۲ و ۶۴ بیتی)

منبع: دیجی موزیک


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رمز فایل: www.digi-music.ir (با حروف کوچک تایپ شود)


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